Saturday, 3 March 2012

Last of the sprouts

It's March already and it was a lovely sunny morning, luckily we avoided the heavy rain showers.
I picked the last reasonable-looking sprouts before pulling the stalks and adding what I could to the compost bin - the stalks are really too thick to compost, if they're not shredded, so they usually end up in our green bin for the Council to deal with.

The onions and shallots haven't started sprouting yet (well, it's only been a week), but the raspberry plants look happy and buds are still growing on the transplanted ones.

Jamie was digging more of the potato quarter and I cleared the netting so we can completely work that quarter ready for our spuds in April - time seems to be slipping away rather ...

Found this Ruby Tiger Moth caterpillar sheltering in the thyme - they hibernate so it's probably been there all winter.

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