Sunday, 18 March 2012

At last - some sowing!

Finally, we've sown something - nothing too exciting yet, we're not risking it after the late (late May) frosts we had last year.
So, Jamie sowed 12 broad beans (Suttons), where the Aqua Dulce died, and put their protective cloches on straightaway to stop the mice getting fed before us. We always put a handful of seed compost at the bottom of each hole before dropping the bean in.
We'll get more broad beans sown later in the year too as they're so tasty.
Plastic bottle cloches
And I sowed 3 small rows of salad crops in the raised bed: corn salad (2 year old seed so not sure how good that will be), radish (Dragon F1 Hybrid) and mixed lettuce (I've bought 2 bags of salad leaf from Tescos recently and I really begrudge doing it!!).
This cloche is covered with a green plastic cover and it's quite dark but the salad seems to do ok in there.
The intention is that I'll sow additional rows of each item in about 3 weeks so there'll be a bit of succession growing - though I recall saying that last year and it didn't work out right.

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