Sunday, 11 March 2012

Another beautiful day!

And it really was, so we spent hours on the plot again along with many other allotment holders. I was intending to sow some salad seeds but instead we spent the time moving the carrot trench along to reduce wasted space in that quarter. It seemed like it wouldn't be too much of a chore, but phew! it was hot work. It'll be worth it though - we'll get a few more broad beans in there now. We mixed in John Innes seed compost to give it good drainage.
We had a few visitors to the plot today. There were quite a few butterflies around and we uncovered several  Angle Shades moth caterpillars, chafer grubs and lots of worms.
I also found this bumblebee, it was cleaning itself and I noticed it had mites on it - if only I'd known (and had a child's paintbrush handy!!) I could have helped her by wiping them off - see this article.

Oh and the little cat came to see us for the first time this year!
He's welcome on our plot and hasn't proved to be a problem to us - may have helped with the mouse problems in the past, but I was happier to see a bit of distance between our plot and this male pheasant!

A beautiful looking enemy!
The last of the carrots I pulled didn't look too great, so I composted them - so no more soup for a few months - I was too tired to make it when I got home anyway!

What a lovely weekend :-)

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