Saturday, 10 March 2012

Faffing on the plot

We did some work on our plot in the afternoon. Jamie has dug half of the potato quarter - it's hard work with lots of roots, but it looks pretty good now.
I cleared the cabbage frame and did a bit of digging but mainly faffed about as I was too tired after the stone-work in the morning - what a wimp :-)
I did enjoy burning weeds and anything else I could find in the communal incinerator on our plot - it's the first stuff we've burned rather than composting or taking home for the bin. We spread the ashes on the potato plot, but there weren't many.
I cleared the chard (and burned it of course!).Previous years we've seen chard survive the winter, even when it was really snowy, but the -11° took it's toll this year so I'll sow afresh.

Also have decided to try growing salsify this year. We've had good and bad reports on it but may as well give it a try and it seems we'll have space.
The weather was lovely, warm and sunny and so nice to see lots of other busy allotmenteers. We (Jamie would say I!) spent a lot of time chatting and looking at the birds. We saw buzzards and kites overhead and also a kestrel plus our usual visitors. It really was a beautiful day.
I know it's not a very good pic, but it's a buzzard


  1. EVERYONE loves a good bonfire! you just cant help yourself you just want to burn everything! lol (love the T-shirt!)

  2. Nice piccys, the Buzzard piccy can't be that bad as I recognized it as a Buzzard before the caption scrolled into view. I don't envy you the digging, glad mine is finished & I'm into the "sowing phase".

  3. Thanks Stacy and Rooko. Managed to get a bit more fire-watching in on Sunday when a fellow plotholder had a fire :-)

    The buzzard pic was disappointing - it just wouldn't stay in one place!!


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