Saturday, 3 September 2011

Colourful food

We picked salad bits for lunch, just to have with some humous. Lovely colourful trayful - 3 coloured carrots, 2 coloured mini-turnips, radishes, spring onions and cucumber. We also had some of our own tomatoes which eventually went red in the window.
There wasn't much happening on the plot, we did a bit of weeding and just chatted to people.

Blight has finally reached our tomato plants and the Congo potato plants. We've been waiting for it to strike - it's been around site for quite a while and the weather has been starting to get misty in the mornings.. We're going to pick all the tomatoes and redden what we can or we'll probably make some green tomato chutney.
We're also going to make some runner bean chutney when we pick the beans tomorrow.

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