Thursday, 15 September 2011

Definitely Autumn

It's been cold the last couple of mornings but the days have been pretty warm. The leaves are all turning and quite a few leaves are down because of the recent windy weather. The hedgerow alongside our plot is covered in berries - hawthorn, rosehips, blackberries and sloes.
Jane picked some of our remaining raspberries and is going to make some raspberry jam with them so I'm glad they're not going to waste - the birds and anyone walking by is welcome to them!
Our courgette plant is still in flower but the courgettes seem to be appearing one at a time now.
I added today's small one to the carrot and parsley soup that I made. I made it with more carrots and only half a stock cube - it was really tasty so will remember that for future batches - and as we still have lots of carrots there will definitely be more batches!

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