Sunday, 4 September 2011

Weird Sweetcorn

Our sweetcorn has been struggling a bit this year. Initially it was slow to grow but has reached about 4 foot tall now and the cobs seem to be growing ok on some of the plants - just hope there's enough sun for them to actually mature in time for us to eat some! The tassles are beginning to go brown but there's still more padding out needed by the feel of the biggest husk...

Today we noticed something odd though... a couple of the plants have kernels growing on the male flower bits at the top...
Have had a look on the internet and have only found one possible answer here - "Before corn was cultivated this is how it originally grew in the wild. It is simply reverting to it's roots!" Well, we'll see whether it's actually edible!

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  1. The helpful people at the Allotments4All forum explained what's going on...,68163.0.html

    Nothing to worry about, the put it down to dodgy soil/weather conditions. Not some horrible new disease!


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