Monday, 4 May 2015

Ooh! The Pain!

Ah, I needed that bath! After about 6 hours on the allotment - on the new plot. Phew, digging is hard work again! I'd like to show an 'After' shot but it's so insignificant you'd barely notice the difference! So, here's a picture of the one and only flower on the plot - a calendula left over from last year. It shines out like a beacon. Jamie transplanted it from the edge on Saturday.
Of course, when I say 6 hours on the allotment - the digging didn't quite fill that time. We had the good idea of taking wine and olives to have lunch on the little table and chairs that were left by the previous tenant. It was a great idea - but didn't make the digging any easier..!

We've just about finished digging the first 1/2 metre in from the path; so much couch grass! So much tree/hedge root! So much work! Lucky it's Jamie's plot ;-)
Nice to see the site from a different perspective
I have a panorama photo Google app on my iPad, so I took that to the site and made a 360° panorama of Plot 7/8 which you can see if you click here.
I then made another of the whole site  which captures a few of the plotholders too
I should have taken photos into the sky a bit so that it wouldn't have this curved letterbox look.. I still rather like them.

The garlic is growing well on Plot 8. It was looking a little yellow, so I watered it with Epsom Salts yesterday - the salts add magnesium to the soil which allows the plants to take in the nutrients they need and improves photosynthesis (so the leaves should 'green up' a bit).
These are my transplanted lettuces from yesterday. I was pleased the ones outside the wire survived the night, I thought the pigeons or other birds may find them too irresistible.


  1. Digging is hard but it will keep you fit and trim.I'll have to find and try out that app.

    1. Yes, PhotoSphere by Google - it makes making panoramas easier.


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