Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Other Side of the Hedge

It was such a lovely day that we walked up to the allotment after work - just to check that our new plantings/sowings weren't drying out too much. Well, they were rather, so we gave things a water and then walked back via the canal which was looking especially beautiful as the hedgerows are beginning to spring into life.
I took the above photo from the Kennet and Avon Canal side of the Marsh Lane Allotments' hedge. It's directly under 'our' Ash tree. We could hear our little robin but couldn't see him from this side of the hedge - he was probably still eating the worms we had taken up for him :-)
We forgot to put the St George's flag on our bean pole this year, so here's a photo of the flag flying on Hungerford's St Lawrence church.
Look at that lovely blue sky!


  1. Did you know Guestling Church is St Lawrence as well? Glad I can comment now.

  2. Aren't the trees slow to leaf this year?

    1. Yes, the horse chestnut is usually the first that I spot and that has just started in the last week. The temperatures are right for everything to start catching up now, I think. At least here in Berkshire that is...
      Let's hope we get a long Summer to make up for the slow start!


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