Saturday, 8 July 2017

What a Beautiful Day

A little off-topic but I had a day off work so we took a trip to Somerset to visit a lavender farm.
There were two large fields of lavender and a garden with many different varieties. It was interesting to see that the bees seemed to prefer the pinky coloured varieties (I preferred the purple).
The cream tea with a lavender scone was delicious! I feel inspired!
Apart from the scones I like the sound of  chocolate and lavender brownies or how about leek, potato and lavender soup? Yum!
I would have liked to buy one (or more) of their little plants to grow my own for culinary use next year, but didn't think the plants would appreciate the extreme heat of the car journey yesterday.
As you can see the farm had a lovely vegetable patch and look at those calendula, what a display!
After that lovely visit we made our way home via Farleigh Hungerford Castle - amazing remains of the 14th Century castle.
Thomas Hungerford who bought the original manor in 1369 was the son of Sir Robert de Hungerford who was buried in our Hungerford's St Lawrence Church in 1352. He was an MP and general bigwig in Berkshire. Interesting to know the link to our town and to wander through the castle remains, chapel and priest house.
 Thanks to The Levellers for the title song.


  1. What a coincidence I am preparing a post on our lavender. Much more modest a display.

    1. I look forward to reading it and see how/if you use the flowers...

  2. It is interesting to hear that Bees prefer the pinky varieties. Our local Lordington Lavender Farm is open to visitors next week. I might pop along there this week.


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