Monday, 17 July 2017

Dont Matter Now

Over the last week we spent a lot of time clearing weeds that we've been ignoring for a few weeks - so much grass, bindweed and occasional giant thistle! So the plots were looking their best for Saturday morning for the Hungerford in Bloom Allotment judging.
Look at that! Not a weed in sight.
It's good to have a reason to clear the plots up, but unfortunately we came 4th - so no certificate for us this year. Maybe our plots have a few too many flowers or too many gaps? Well, not to worry I love our plots this year - the weather has been really good for growing (along with plenty of watering).
On Saturday afternoon the Marsh Lane site was open to the public - we didn't get any public (! - there were lots of other local events on) but we got plenty of plotholders and cakes that they had generously made and donated.

So, even though we didn't get to show off our plots to other locals, we got to have a good natter, eat cake and have a drink or two...

And, although we had some rain in the morning, it didn't rain in the afternoon and the wind only flipped the gazebo onto its roof when it was being taken down :-)

I pulled the rest of the garlic as they had all collapsed and the leaves have browned. The ones I pulled a week earlier are drying in the greenhouse surrounded by tomato plants.

The leeks are planted now and, at last, so are the pumpkins! One Atlantic (not so) Giant and two Jack of All Trades. I don't think these will even get us a fourth prize :-) They're planted in holes filled with manure but the ground hasn't been dug very well on that empty plot that a few plotholders are using for the competition.
Lunches and dinners have been involving courgettes quite a lot. We've bought a Spiralizer so at least meals look a bit different, even if they have very similar ingredients :-) That's my first fennel bulb. I'm shaving it into salads this week and eating it with the first of our Chopin potatoes from one of the bags - very tasty, but not a huge haul considering it was two plants - but it'll provide us with about 6 meals in total.
So, you can see where the blog title is derived from - thanks to George Ezra (and my cousin Jen for sharing the song)


  1. Wakefield don't run allotment competitions any more but when they did we never entered as the folk that did daren't pick anything until after judging and that wasn't what we wanted from an allotment. Things grown to eat need picking when they are ready. Maybe judges should visit throughout the season and not just once.

    1. I'm pleased to say we don't take t that seriously, so we don't hold back on harvesting. Perhaps that's why we don't win though :-D

  2. I think it all looks great. You should have been a winner😊😊😊😊😊

    1. Aw, thanks :-) But you should see the winners - they are amazing!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. Nice multicoloured courgettes!


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