Thursday, 27 July 2017

Shelter From The Storm

Wow - this weather!
That 10 minute shower followed a sunny half hour and produced over 7mm of rain - Thank goodness for the greenhouse!
It saved us watering the Chinese Natsuki (chinese leaf) that Jamie sowed a couple of days ago. It will also help 'puddle in' the second lot of leeks that we planted out in the space where we cleared the broad beans.
Not so good is the fact that I still haven't cleared the crazy amount of chickweed seedlings that have run riot over Plot 46a. At least it's easy to spot the beetroot seedlings among them but it's more difficult to differentiate between the weed and the swede seedlings.
The mini munch cucumber will appreciate all the water and we'll hopefully start harvesting them by next week. 
In the meantime..guess what we're having for dinner...
The trug contains Desiree spuds - Jamie's favourite for mashing. And we decided to have some of the rhubarb which has had an unexpected new lease of life. Here's a bit of Bob Dylan to sing-a-long to.


  1. We had rain but not that much. Coincidentally I sowed some Natsuki last week.

    1. It looks like pak choi. We've sowed it under enviromesh in case the bugs like it as much as they did my pak choi earlier in e year


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