Friday, 28 July 2017

Two Way

This post is mostly about courgettes. Because I'm on leave at the moment I don't have work-mates to pass the surplus on to. Not surprisingly we haven't found a plotholder to take them off our hands either so here's a post to show how at least 3 of the rather larger specimens have avoided the compost bin.
The first is basically a stuffed courgette - a delicious one.
Cut a wedge out of the courgette and add spring onions, pepper and olive oil. Cook for 30mins on 180, covered in foil.
Then add extra mature cheddar cheese and chopped mixed nuts (plus a few tomatoes) - cover for a further 15mins, then remove the cover for a final 20mins.
Voila! Delicious (I never claimed it was a healthy option!)
The next method is soup and, as you can see, has a few additional ingredients - all freshly picked from the plot. I'm not sure you can actually taste the courgette, but at least it's used!
Fry the florence fennel and chopped (peeled & de-seeded) courgette in a frying pan on a high heat. The onion and fennel stalks are gently fried in the saucepan with the lid on.
Add chopped carrot to the onion pan along with the browned fennel and courgette. Add 800ml of vegetable stock and some curry powder.
Boil, then simmer for 20mins and then blitz.
Mmm, so delicious. The fennel is a subtle flavour behind the curry.
KT Tunstall with James Bay provide the song.


  1. These are really good ways to use courgettes, I bet the dishes were tasty.

    1. The soup will last a few days and the cheesy nutty courgette will definitely be made again!

  2. We sometimes eat courgettes raw in salad. Fortunately we have a couple of neighbours who will take excess courgettes from us. May I put a link to this post on my list of courgette recipes on the sidebar of my blog. Well it will be soon.

    1. Thanks Sue, of course that's fine and I'll need to check out some other recipes there after our visit to the allotment later!

  3. Wow, shame thing about courgettes is that you cannot freeze them :(
    I have so many growing right now too and have been cooking them up, but I am beginning to tire of it a little, as i just can't keep up - and then we also have marrows.

    I will be pickling some of the courgettes to preserve them.You courgette boats and soup both look good to me.

    1. We don't specifically grow marrows, but end up using the courgettes in that way.
      And we don't eat them raw as we'll soon have cucumbers...
      It's a hard life :-)


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