Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Wind, Stupid Wind and Wind

Ugh! Windy weather - too windy! Cloches are blown about, compost bin lids turn into frisbees, broad beans are leaning and, most irritatingly, my hair gets in my face and bugs me!

However, I'm on leave and Plot 3 needs digging, so that's what we did (when I wasn't hiding in the greenhouse during yesterday's rainstorm).

At least there was no rain today and it was a bit warmer so we got a lot done (which is why I didn't take many photos). Plot 3 is quite well protected by the trees, but still anything put down today was blown away.

We picked up a free petunia from the Hungerford Wyevale Garden Centre yesterday, so that got planted up in a hanging basket that someone had left in the communal area for re-use. We figured Plot 3 needs a bit more pretty-ing up than the other plots at the moment and I'm pleased to say it's survived the wind so far!

This is the dodgier side of the new plot. There are a lot of raspberry plants, including some yellow-fruited variety, but it has a lot of grass and other weeds that need clearing. Still, it looks like we'll get more raspberries from this plot than from Plot 8 where I think I've managed to pretty much destroy our plants with my pruning technique :-(

This pheasant egg wasn't a victim of the wind - more likely a magpie by the way its been pecked out.
Helicopters were flying back and forth yesterday - I thought they looked a bit arty in this touched-up photo, with someone else's beanpoles to prove they're over the allotment site!
We're still picking rhubarb for our desserts but had to chop another flower off the Victoria rhubarb, which has nearly finished its season - the leaves are beginning to collapse. So, we're eating the Raspberry Red now - a couple of long stalks is enough for the two of us.

Here's my latest ChainMail article - all about the wildlife that we share our allotment life (and veg) with - I really must make my next article more positive!

Marsh Lane Open Day
15th August 2pm BBQ, tombola, produce, stalls


  1. the hanging pot plant design is so inspiring. We have windy days too. the weather and garden become dryer.

  2. We'll soon be picking Raspberry Red too

    1. It really does keep its colour well after cooking

  3. Bit nicer today - managed to plant up more pots and got the dried flower seedlings in - and Jonathan is planting cauliflower for the first time. Reuben let my lambs out (great sheepdog) and they ate one of my runners......

    1. Hmmm, were sheep the culprits last year too...?
      Cauliflower? Ooh, nice

  4. The windy weather seems to have been going on for an eternity. 2 lovely sunny days, yesterday and today and the wind has finally gone.


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