Saturday, 20 June 2015

Lens-Shaped Things and...

...other stuff.
I had to use that title because of these clouds we saw just as we were leaving the site at about 9pm this evening. I understand they're called Lenticular Clouds e.g. lens-shaped or lentil-shaped! Cool, huh?
Hmm, so what else is lens-shaped..?
This stone - we're certain this is a worked stone tool (we're always hoping to find such things!). Jamie found it on Plot 3. It's lovely and smooth on the flat sides.
 The edge definitely appears to have been worked - that can't be natural surely??
Er.... Lens-shaped...?
No, but pretty
Ok, I've run out of lens-shaped things, so this is what we achieved during our very long day on the allotment.
Jamie did a lot more digging on plot 3 and made a raised bed to go on that plot. We want to grow more chinese radish on there under cover so they have nice white skins.
I sorted out the greenhouse and we're now all planted up - no room for anything else. In fact, there may not be room for the things we've got in there if they grow well!
I'm feeling rather smug about the frame over the gherkins as I cannibalised several old cages to make it. I've hung strings down from the roof for the gherkins to begin their climb before they grab hold of the mesh.
Three Cornichon Paris Vert (mini gherkins)
Thanks to plotholder, Jonathan, for this healthy looking plant. Long cucumbers, so it's got some mesh to grab onto and hopefully the cucumbers will hang down through the shelving.
Burpless Cucumber

Thanks again to Jonathan for these two Tomatillo plants. They're like cape gooseberries, with Chinese lantern style fruits. Good for salsa when they're green (apparently) and jam when the fruits go purple. These are liable to grow out of control - they really need a metre to spread all round, so may need moving if they don't use the mesh as intended...
So, including two peppers (one chilli and one bell) and 2 tomato plants, there it is. All planted up. We've put some marigold in front of the tomato plants - to encourage bees/hoverflies for pollination and deter whitefly.
Yay! The asparagus peas have developed flowers. So pretty.

The plants always look sad initially as they grow flat to the ground, but they should bush out in time.
And here's the start of the courgettes...


  1. Your courgettes are well ahead of ours.

  2. So various plant. I really want to know about your asparagus pea, I have never known about it before. I hope you will update the progress. The courgette is so healthy, I want to grow it again, as long I have never success on growing this plant.

  3. What a lot of hard work and what a lot of good things to eat ๐Ÿ˜Š interesting about the lentil lense word and I think that looks like a stone age tool.

  4. That stone is beautiful. Your greenhouse is looking good.....quite a lot of space. I expect you will be surprised how it fills up with growth.


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