Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Planting! And Sunshine!

The sun shone for much of the day and by lunchtime the wind had ceased so we were safe to do quite a lot of planting, including this row of  Russian Giant sunflowers along the back of Plot 7. There are 7 plants which range in height from about 20 - 50cm at the moment.

Plots 7 and 3 have each gained Defender courgettes, with pots which may make it easier to water once the plants get big. They're planted on top of a hole filled with manure, for moisture retention and nourishment.
Plot 3 has the first of its Jack of All Trades pumpkins, plus a Curry plant (herb) which we bought yesterday. It really does smell of curry and you can apparently add it to vegetables and rice for flavouring. It's very pretty with silver leaves and it gets yellow flowers which can also be used in cooking.
Curry Plant
This pumpkin plant has rather a long stem and given that it's been such a windy year we're protecting it for a while with a netted cloche. Hopefully it will soon be big and strong enough to not need the protection.
We planted out the two grafted Lizzano tomato plants - they're happy outside in pots but the pots need to be tall as they trail and get huge (at least they have over the last couple of years). The top pot has the bottom cut out of it, so the plant has all that soil (plus manure) to grow roots into.
Lizzano Tomato
Jamie's sown the Rocky cucumbers, at home, for planting out later. We're hoping they'll grow up a trellis.
I planted some asparagus pea plants on Plot 3 and transplanted some spare lettuce seedlings that haven't really got a home - better to put them in Plot 3 than compost them...
Asparagus seedling
We found this little nettle weevil in my hair when I got home! Cute!


  1. What fantastic sunflowers. Bet the soil was great for planting.

  2. Exciting. I hope the sunflowers do well. You might get some record breakers. I am definitely growing courgettes next year.

  3. Yes, hope we get some giants like last year! The soil is very different on both plots

  4. I'll be interested to hear what you make of asparagus peas. That little weevil is smiling at the camera.

    1. We grew asparagus peas last year. I love them! But you have to pick them when they're small, over 2cm and they get tough :-{


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