Sunday, 7 June 2015

Too Cold, Too Hot = Never Happy!

I'm sorry. I've moaned about the weather so much recently and today was absolutely beautiful; blue sky, hot temperature and no wind! But I'm still moaning. It was too hot and I had to hide a lot! I'm really sorry!
I'm not sorry that these lovely strawberries didn't make it home as they were delicious!
We spent most of the day talking to all the other plotholders, with a little bit of gardening in between chats. It was great to be alongside so many fellow growers. I managed to pass on all the remaining chard seedlings and a spare courgette plant which is better than us planting up the surplus and just wasting it on our plots. We already have four chard plants - each different colours and Jamie doesn't even like the stuff!
This is one of our rainbow chart plants - still tiny
The picture below is of the chinese radish seedlings - you can see that the flea beetle has got to every leaf. The swede growing next to it (not under cover) has slug damage, but I'm hoping enough seedlings will survive otherwise I may sow a few more.
Plot 3 is more than half dug and has 2 pumpkins, 1 courgette and 2 Bush Delicata Winter squash.
2 wrapped up pumpkins and my UV-blocking sun umbrella
Oh yes, and Jane (the previous tenant) left her little bit of fencing, as well as her table and chairs, so we put that alongside the path. Isn't that cute :-)
Picket fence by the courgette and winter squash
 Salad lunches from the plot started last week. Unfortunately I've eaten all the available radish, so it's just varieties of lettuce, chives and fennel leaves at the moment - I do add shop-bought ingredients too! It'll be a while till we have any tomatoes, peppers or potatoes to add - but at least we're on our way...
I love my salad spinner!


  1. Everything is looking good. Love the bit of fencing. We had a strawberry each but no-where near as big as your two.

  2. Looking good. It really makes me look forward to the day when we can start eating more home grown stuff. Annoying about the beetles but hopefully there is enough for you and them.


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