Sunday, 28 June 2015

Practise, Practise

I'm helping on the HAHA (Hungerford Allotment Holders Association) stall at the primary school fete next Saturday. We're having some 'photo quizzes', 'make a paper pot & sow a bean' and 'make a bug hotel'. The latter seemed like a good idea until I made one - they take a surprising amount of filling to avoid the contents simply dropping out! I can picture the children walking away from our stall dropping bamboo, sticks and bark all the way round the fete and ending up with just an empty drinks bottle on a string!
So, now I'm searching for bits of dried debris. It shouldn't be hard, except for the rain this morning and the fact that whenever we have a bonfire I clear the area of anything vaguely 'bug hotel' suitable! I think I'll be walking the grounds at work to find bits over the next week! And Jamie's put out because I'm going to use all our bottle cloches!
Well, we'll see how it goes - I'm sure it'll be fine (crosses fingers!)...
I erred yesterday, our Sungold tomatoes in the greenhouse have got flowers!
And the strawberries are doing an amazing job. Though some are succumbing to mould, ants, slugs and birds there's still plenty left.
I'm giving lettuce away to plotholders now as any time soon they'll probably go to seed. I really need to sow some more - still haven't got this 'successional sowing' quite right!
A lovely beetroot in there for lunch too


  1. You're right..., your strawberries are so amazing! That's really makes me so jealous. The only one planter box that full of strawberry plants is empty right now. Mould, snail and very wet weather make my dream to pick my own strawberry have gone.
    happy gardening ...

    1. Aah, but next year you may have pineapples and strawberries!!

  2. Produce looks tasty. Glad to see some flowers on your toms! I hope the children enjoy making their bug hotels.


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