Sunday, 24 March 2013

So c-c-c-cold!

It had been trying to snow all day but just a bit of dandruff falling so we decided to have a couple of hours on the plot. Extremely cold with a shocking wind but not unbearable while we were busy. It stayed at about 1° and a few other plotholders were working on their plots too. Normally we wouldn't expect to see many people on site on a day like today, but everyone's so desperate to get something done whenever it's not precipitating!

We took some Freeze-Dried Mealworms for the robin. Poor little chap out in the cold :-( He very nearly ate from my hand today, but instead sat on the fencepost within a foot of me.
We decided to work on the raised bed. We hoed all the moss from it and then mixed in a little 6X natural fertiliser.
Next, we raked in a good layer of multi-purpose compost mixed with Topsoil and topped it off with Topsoil. That should keep our salad crops and beetroot happy!
Before leaving, we covered it with weed suppressant which may help warm the soil a little too - we're hoping to be able to get some sowing done over Easter...
Remembered to check the grape hyacinths. They haven't grown much since 9th March - not too surprising really.
Then back home to our lovely warm flat - only to discover I'd left the flask somewhere on site so we had to venture back out into the cold to retrieve it - Doh!!


  1. So neat and tidy. It looks lovely. Been in greenhouse til my fingers were numb, then in to fire, tea and scones.

    1. Well, yes, that part does look pretty tidy. But there are some weedy areas which are in dire need of some care and attention. Not yesterday though - far too cold to stay out for too long!!

      Sounds like you need a heater in your greenhouse :-)

  2. Can't believe you ventured out - we've done nothing with our garden at all. Can't even bear the thought of it!!

  3. It's not very inviting! Really hope it's a bit warmer next week. I'm on leave and we need to get something growing!!

  4. I can't remember having sucjh a long period without a plot visit before!


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