Sunday, 17 March 2013

Oh no! More snow!

We woke up late this morning and were amazed to see a couple of inches of snow covering Hungerford!
Despite the title (and the fact it stops us digging) I do still like the white stuff so we took a stroll up to the allotment. It had rained much of yesterday, in between bright sunshine, and the site was very soggy.
The temperature was 5° while we were there and the minimum had been -3°.
Netting was sagging all round the site and we had to clear the snow from our shallots and broad bean nets to stop them tearing.
Whilst looking at our photos later we noticed that the portaloo had been delivered! We didn't notice it while we were on site!! HAHA are renting it for a few months prior to investigating the possibility of a more permanent solution....
We didn't stay long - the snow had turned to rain and I felt a bit grotty (so wouldn't have got any work done even if it hadn't snowed). Jamie left some sunflower seeds for the robin and we returned home rather wet!


  1. Hope you are OK. What with India, recovering from flu-like coughs and this strange weather, we are feeling quite odd ourselves. Its getting so late and nothing planted yet. Hope it all manages to catch up.

    1. Time is moving rather fast at the moment! As long as it's not a ridiculous year like 2012 we reckon we'll be alright :-)

  2. Thankfully no white stuff here but it is very cold.

    1. It all melted away during the evening, but is still cold here. I'm hiding away, with a sick day - no intention of leaving our warm flat!


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