Saturday, 9 March 2013

Return to Grey

It has been very grey and wet since our lovely day on Tuesday - there had been 17mm of rainfall and temperature has gone from 13° to a low of 2° and it was 6° while we were at the site today. However, it's from tomorrow that it's going to get really cold again - apparently...

We were pleased to see our grape hyacinths (free bulbs planted on 13th Jan) have started flowering, so they should provide a bit of colour on the plot quite soon.
This is the photo I forgot to take last week - our path between strawberry plot and tomato pots area.
We weren't actually working our plot today. We had to do some HAHA (Hungerford Allotment Holders Association) stuff. There are a few empty plots on site which the committee (and other volunteers) are going to rotavate after some glyphosphate weed killer is applied.

Personally, we (Jamie and me) are not keen on rotavating; it kills worms and can encourage certain weeds to propagate. Having said that, some of the plots are in a bad state and we aren't convinced that a new plotholder would get very far with them without some assistance. Particularly as, at present, we're still not able to say that we've got the site beyond next April... still awaiting agreement between Hungerford Town Council and the Landlord - REALLY WISH THEY'D SORT IT!!
As an aside, after our recent failed star-gazing session, there's a chance to see the Pan-STARRS comet this weekend- with the naked eye. Got to be worth a look if the weather plays ball... I remember Halley's Comet 15 years ago and it was interesting to see an unusual object when you're so used to seeing the stars that are always there!


  1. Your ground is looking very good. We`ve been too cold to go out. Wrapped ourselves in blankets with a hot water bottle.

    1. I bet it does feel cold after beautiful India! I'd suggest you stay inside for at least another week!!
      Your photos are lovely.

  2. It must be unsettling not knowing what will happen next year.

    I see that you too are investing in weed control.

    1. It is very frustrating. It would be so much better if the land was Council-owned. The Marsh Lane site currently provides for about 7% of the Hungerford population so it seems like it should be considered a worthy asset...

      Yep, weed membrane under our tomato pots in attempt to keep them free from damp which could lead to blight (that's the plan!)


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