Saturday, 30 March 2013

Know your Onions

Our onions were delivered today! A bag of Santero F1 from Thompson & Morgan. So this afternoon we planted them up. They were very successful last year and are mildew resistant which is a good thing as our onions have suffered badly from that in previous years. This picture is planning where to plant them  - they're planted so only a tiny growing tip is above the ground.
We planted two rows of 16 - even that is too many for us really. We still have half a bag left - we're bound to find someone who wants them. We covered them with netting - only to protect them from the blackbirds (and pigeons) who will pull them out of the ground continuously if they're not protected.
Our alliums quarter is the busiest part of our plots at the moment - with shallots, onions and garlic in now.
We've also changed our site plan. We're going to put the carrots and parsnips in that quarter instead of with the beans. That was our intention for our crop rotation plan but we got out of synch last year. I'll update the plan in the next couple of days.

We left site just as it went black and started sleeting!


  1. Your beds are soooo neat. Well done. I am quite envious.

    1. I must admit that the neatness is thanks to Jamie!

  2. They do supply onion sets in huge amounts! Ours are still sitting in their pots in the greenhouse, Even then some are making very little effort

    1. It's so tempting to plant them all, but there's no way we'll eat them all and we can't store them. You have hundreds - I saw your blog post!
      We have another sunny (but freezing day). The sunshine must get things moving soon...surely..


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