Friday, 29 March 2013

A very Good Friday!

I know! It looks like a fake! This is actual blue sky over the allotment today! It was quite unexpected but so welcome.
We managed about 4 hours of digging, chatting, digging, burning, digging and chatting. So nice to see our fellow allotment holders.
We managed to burn the waste that's been waiting on Plot 8 for months. Unfortunately the rusted bottom of the HAHA incinerator disintegrated during the process but we got a good fire going and Kerry joined in the pyromania with her dried waste too :-)

The ash from the fire was mixed into the area where we're sowing wildflowers and night stocks this year.

Jamie dug over this year's potato quarter and mixed in some of the 6X fertiliser. The potatoes won't be going in just yet but at least the plot is completely ready for them now.
All the while we were digging we could hear the contestants in the Devizes to Westminster canoe race going by on the Kennet and Avon Canal. I spied through the hedge for a time and managed to get this shot. I bet the canoeists were happy that it wasn't quite so cold today, but I'm not surprised they needed the big gloves!
We went home achey but happy that we left the plot looking worked, if not really growing yet!
I actually spotted a different insect on the plot today so will be updating the wildlife blog, once I've identified this beastie with the help of the Wildaboutbritain forum ...


  1. Believe it or not we had a burner in that state which was stolen! Scrap metal we guessed - still haven't taken its replacement to the plot - we'll need to chain it to something :)

    1. Coo! They'd have to be pretty desperate to steal that! Perhaps we'll have to 'rough up' the new one if HAHA digs into it's coffers to buy a replacement :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Sarcastic! - I say "coo" a lot these days :-)


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