Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sun, seeds and plans for soup!

So warm and sunny today - it really felt like May! Marsh Lane was the busiest we've seen it in weeks - a really active allotment site.

And we weren't just sitting in the sun - well, not the whole time. We managed to get everything done that we intended to, including trimming the fringes of the grass paths and mowing the one between our two plots.
Plot 7
Jamie dug our home-made compost into pea/sweet pea trenches - either side of last year's pea frame. We sowed the following seeds:
Various squashes
Last week at work I had some celeriac and fennel soup - the first time I've had either of those ingredients - and it was so delicious! I decided that I'd grow celeriac but thought I was a bit late deciding to sow the seeds so when I spotted a trayful for £1.49 at Yew Tree Garden Centre I had to buy them! So, I transplanted about a third of the seedlings into modules and they're in the allotment cloche with the rest of our seedlings.
Celeriac seedlings

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