Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mint and Parsnips

We had a lovely day up the plot today - most of the time in the sunshine and really warm.
We dealt with our parsnips - we had sown 3 seeds into each position and most have germinated this year (we didn't get any to germinate last year). So, today we thinned them down to just one seedling to each position - seems a shame but we don't want masses of small parsnips; just a few biggish ones.
I'm still not happy with the herb plot - have changed it at least twice already this year! So, I moved the parsley away from the thyme and the chives (lucky most of the herbs are in buried pots). It all needs cutting back a bit but don't want to do it while there's a risk of frost.

One herb we don't have this year is mint but I saw both these on the site today and yesterday!
Mint moth
Mint beetle - beautiful!

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  1. Hope the Parsnips develop nicely, they can be awkward to germinate at the best of times. Nice pictures of the insects. The weathers been great here for the last 3 days, doesn't look like anymore frost though.


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