Sunday, 20 May 2012

More digging

We finished what we wanted to do today and now we're broken! We dug in a peat-based bag of compost from B&Q to aid water retention for the celeriac. Jamie says we should dig to "a spade and a half depth"; well, if he does a spade then I think I do the half! It's so tiring but worth it for the end result.
We added some Epsom Salts (for magnesium enrichment) to the shallots which are looking a bit yellowy. We added some Growmore general feed to them yesterday to give them a helping hand.

Jamie planted out the 3 Speedy dwarf french beans which grew in the pots - none of the other beans germinated but we'll be planting some more in a few weeks.

We moved our Leonaris, one of our peppers and the one Rocky cucumber which has emerged up to the plot - they'll stay in the cloche for a bit to harden off. We put them on top of some EcoCharlie slug deterrent.
Here are some of the weeds (or wildflowers if they were growing somewhere else!) we are contending with...
Dead Nettle
Not sure what this is but it grows in abundence
on any uncultivated plot


  1. Your unknown weed, sorry "wild flower", is Common Fumitory

  2. Hope you've both recovered from the digging by now. I've got the opposite problem to drainage. The clay is like concrete on my Strawberry beds where the flood water of late, has drained away. Forking it over and having half a dozen compressed vertebrae is not a good idea. The unidentified plant could be a Red Bartsia (but don't quote me)??

  3. Thanks Anon for naming the weed! We've had several allotment holders thinking their carrots have germinated when that shows up in their carrot rows :-0

    Rooko - you've certainly suffered with the weather so far this year. Now the hot, hot sun is probably baking your poor plants - they won't know what they're meant to be doing!! Did you have the dodgy back before, or only after the digging?!

  4. Just checking in. I've taken all of my annuals out of the green(hot)house today but haven't put them in the garden yet. Beans still in pots in the greenhouse - don't want to feed the pigeons yet. How come you're going to put more in later - won't that be too late? I thought the dead nettles were liverwort.
    Only 4 of my ornamental gourds germinated.
    Jamie is insane to dig in this weather!!!!!

  5. Hello Joanne
    A later sowing of beans should be ok - we found year 2 that everything caught up if the weather is ok. We're having problems with some things germinating and spuds haven't all emerged so we wonder if the slugs ate them before they had a chance to grow :-(
    Will check today whether it's a specific variety or a mix of failures...


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