Thursday, 3 May 2012

Growing, growing and eating

Popped up the plot after work to see how things were looking. The cabbage and sprout seedlings  look healthy. We'll move them out of the cloche but under netting in the next week or so - depending on the weather.
Cabbage seedling
Marigolds & sweet peas
The eating in the title isn't by us yet, sadly! However, we've got so many marigold seedlings we can afford to lose a few to the abundance of slugs!
And we found this evidence of a mouse's work in the cloche! Funny (sorry Neal) thing is that the broad bean seemed to have been taken from our neighbour's plot to be enjoyed in the dry! 
Neal's beans nibbled down to ground level
The turnip seeds have germinated and the whole first row of potatoes (Belana and Chopin) are above the ground now.

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