Monday, 7 May 2012

Sowing for carrot and coriander soup!

We went for a quick visit to the plot this afternoon - managed to avoid the rain and catch a few rays for a time too.
Didn't take many photos so here's a nice cloud to brighten the page - though it was trying to un-brighten (not sure that's a word!!) the day :-)

We sowed a couple more rows of Early Nantes carrots (surrounded with slug bait). Our original rows are looking very sparse - I think we'll be lucky to get any purple haze from that sowing.
Also sowed a replacement row of the lettuce mix in the salad cloche which was completely wiped out - the succession row of them appears to be ok for now though...

Sowed a few coriander between the carrot and parsnip trenches. It prefers to be sown directly into the ground, apparently doesn't transplant well - we grew some the first year and it did really well. Well, you can't beat carrot and coriander soup!

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