Monday, 1 July 2013

Never fear - Robbie should return!

We visited the plot after work to pick some broad beans, strawberries and a bit more salad. We watered everything and chatted a lot. This is the best time of year; lots of people on site, planting, watering and harvesting.
My Floridor yellow squash seems to be doing well - looks like the one plant (on our plot) will provide plenty of courgettes, perhaps Jamie will have to get a taste for them after all!

Since last week we haven't seen our Robbie; only Mrs B (blackbird) has been around feeding her chick. We were concerned that the cat had found him but Malcolm informed us that robins go into hiding for a few weeks after they've fed their chicks. They moult and go to ground while they are feeling vulnerable (and ugly - are robins that shallow? :-}). So, hopefully our little chap will be back again quite soon.
Here's an archive photo of him just because we miss him!



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