Thursday, 18 July 2013

Heatwave - it's official!

Southern England has just moved into Level 3 Amber alert heatwave, according to the Met Office. This is because we've exceeded the threshold temperature of 30° by day and 15° overnight for at least 2 days - feels like 14 days to us!
The courgettes are making the most of all the watering we're doing - I had to put 2 big ones on the shares table today. We picked some more strawberries and I got a handful of mangetout - Malcolm provided a few more so that I've enough for my dinner tonight.
We've found more evidence of dust baths and today I found feathers - pretty sure these are pheasant feathers.
Talking of birds - take a look at the wildlife blog entry for today! Here's a teaser...the video is gruesome...


  1. I wonder why the thresholds for a heatwave are higher in some parts of the country than others. Surely heat is heat! It also very much depends where the temperatures are taken in your area. Our results are often very different to the met office figures.

    1. Yes, I was suprised when I saw the threshold differences too.
      Our nearest Met Office recording station is about 25 miles away and we always feel that Hungerford's got its own micro-climate anyway. Our thermometer, in the shade, on the plot tends to show a couple of degress higher than we see recorded online.

  2. Well at least I know I'm not a Polar Bear, I don't think they sweat much.

    1. Haha! That must be a weight off your mind :-)


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