Sunday, 21 July 2013

Lettuce Soup...hmmm

Yesterday was cloudy! And not so sweltering. We went for a lovely walk along part of the Wayfarers Walk; from Combe Gibbet to Buttermere near Shalbourne. There were so many butterflies - mostly meadow browns, tortoiseshells and peacocks flitting along the ancient chalky path ahead of us. Just beautiful.

In the evening we popped up the plot to pick some lettuce to make lettuce soup. I added an onion, veg stock and garlic. It wasn't that tasty but with some marmite added it was ok - probably won't bother again though!
Today we just had another quick visit to pick some Orla potatoes and courgettes. The potatoes are a bit slug damaged - Jamie's really wishing he had bought the nematodes we talked about last year.  I'm making a layered bake thing with potatoes, onions, Quorn pepperoni slices with a pre-fried cheesy courgette topping.
Our peppers are growing well but not going red yet. Well, perhaps they're timed to be ready with the tomatoes...


  1. Interesting re: the soup.

    I have an abundance of lettuce in the garden and someone had suggested making Lettuce Soup -- I have never tried it before. Maybe I will not bother! :o

  2. Love that first photo....could win a prize. How did you get those green peppers on so far. Ours are only just forming. Been swimming at Pett Level again today.

    1. Thanks Jen. We bought our peppers as grafted plants. We've just had a big storm - quite a relief!

  3. :-) you may be a better cook than me - that wouldn't be hard!

  4. Your peppers are in advance of mine but mine have put on a huge spurt with this lovely warm weather.

  5. Like the others I think your peppers are going great guns. You're lucky yo have them green never mind red.


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