Tuesday, 23 July 2013

4.5mm of rain

That was quite a lot of rain in one night but it didn't make much difference to the earth at Marsh Lane - hopefully the veggie roots are enjoying the benefits.
It was another humid day and very hot whenever the clouds cleared. We had a couple of visits to the plot, one with my sister, Joanne and nephew, George.
This is one of our little Rocky cucumber plants - we're growing one over this mesh (an old fireguard) in the hope that the little cucumbers will hang through. There are lots of cucumbers appearing but we're still only supplying Floridor Yellow courgettes for the spares table at the moment - Joanne asked why my courgettes had grown into bubbles :-)
We left having picked some salad to have for lunch, along with potato salad made with some of the International Kidneys we pulled yesterday. That's our first red spring onions Apache and some of the lovely little turnips which are so good raw.
I've bought a new camera; an Olympus SZ-31MR compact. It's not that fancy; it's the update to my previous one which I loved so much but the zoom went wrong - it gets rather abused by being taken to the plot in all weathers. I love the super macro option, but it needs a bit of getting used to as it's slightly different. Here's one of my first pics:
I'm pleased so far - look at the detail in the hairs!



  1. Wow. Fantastic. I want photos that go that close. Steve says my camera will do it but haven`t learnt how yet.

    1. Thanks. I'm still finding that quite a lot of macro shots focus on the wrong thing, but I'm getting there!


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