Thursday, 31 May 2012

What annual leave is for

Of course, we spent most of the day on the allotment. We had it to ourselves much of the time - it wasn't sunny but still pretty warm.
I planted out the celeriac (14 plants) on the new plot - half are under a green cloche and the others are just protected from birds. We need to keep them well-watered.
The mange tout have flowered already and are growing much better than the sweet peas - I think a little Growmore may be needed for them!
Mange Tout flowers
What happens to parsnips if you don't pull them up! (Not our plot!!)
We bought some pots and filled them with Grow bags and some John Innes young plant compost for the peppers - they should tumble over the sides, but the pots look a bit lonely at the moment...
We've started to see ladybird larvae and soldier beetles on the plot now, also lots of bees as there are quite a few flowers around for them now.

Silver Y moth
I found this moth on our netting.The moth takes nectar from flowers, but of course the caterpillars enjoys tucking into brassica and garden peas(!) as well as nettles - well, hopefully this ones babies will stick to nettles... ho hum...


  1. Some nice photos again. I particularly like the ones of the Celeriac and Moth. There are some Parsnips around, like the one in your photo, on a few plots near mine. They tend to be pretty self- seeding too.

    1. I sympathise with whoever takes over that overgrown plot - all they'll have is parsnips then!!


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