Sunday, 6 January 2019

We Started Nothing

Back to work last Wednesday for me. I was glad that it was a short week; it was such a struggle getting up early. The weather finally turned cold with some frost and I thought today was going to be awful, but it was actually quite pleasant on the plot this afternoon - though I didn't stay long.
Altocumulus clouds

I only visited to show a new plotholder around and pick a few carrots. The sun didn't show itself, but as you can see, the clouds were interesting and there were quite a few plotholders busying themselves with clearing and tidying their plots. I found this in the greenhouse - some little mouse or vole showing off to a prospective mate, perhaps? I know they like to pull leaves down to conceal the entrance, but this feather isn't a very good concealer!

Our plots look a mess, but it's nice to see some new growth - our Spring bulbs are pushing through in all the pots.
The garlic is looking happy.
The broad beans are much taller than we intended them to be at this stage - the weather has been so mild that they've just kept on growing in their mesh cage.
One of the rhubarb plants is showing signs of life but the other two are still in hibernation.
Meanwhile the weeds and grass are continuing to grow...

I did a tiny bit of clearing and put some kitchen waste and dried out stems into the compost bins. At least two of the bins have tunnels leading in through the bottom; presumably for rats, though I stirred the contents up a bit and nothing leaped out at me - thank goodness!
I brought the Honeyboat squash home as I may use that later in the week. I thought I'd check whether the black-skinned turnips are still edible - they look good on the outside, but...

No good for eating - so that's a shame. They'll be more rat-food, I mean, compost.
The song title is by The Ting Tings and it's true, but we really must start soon!
Happy New Year and thank you for reading - this is our 10th year on the allotment, so I hope it's a good one!


  1. Good luck with this year's crops. The seasons do seem to be a bit out of sync.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, fully expecting some freezing weather soon though...

  2. Our site is deserted most days when we are there, seems that we have lots of summer gardener’s.

    1. I can't lie, I'm much more of a fair-weather gardener, but sometimes needs must...

  3. healthy plants! Allium family is really challenging for me.

    1. I do love to see those healthy new shoots:. May be your temperature is too high for success :-(


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