Saturday, 25 November 2017


"It's just a cold" - I hate that phrase, I hate colds. I have a cold. It's hanging around and now Jamie's got it. But we thought we needed to venture out today, even though there had been a frost and it didn't look inviting..
Of course, we walked up to the allotment, it was cold, but not quite as awful as I'd expected because the sun was out and the wind wasn't very strong. It was 7° and Ivan was the only other person on the site. Our plots still look unloved, but there is food there, if you know where to look :-)
The leeks are looking good and when we have the inclination I'm sure we'll be having a tasty carrot and leek bake. There are also some good looking swede on Plot 46 which should be tasty.
Future promise in the form of the purple sprouting brocolli.
And some green Brussels sprouts, but the red ones have failed - the mole caused the plant to fall over and Brussels really hate that!
The parsnips are hopefully okay under the ground. The foliage on our plants very often dies back earlier than we see on other plots, but we've had some good ones (fingers crossed for no canker).
And the transplanted strawberries look very happy, we hope they produce fruits as tasty as the parent plants were.
So that was a very quick visit to the plot. We hope to be at the workday/BBQ tomorrow - well, it's just a cold... Great video by Radiohead


  1. I've not managed to plant out my strawberries yet - so I am dead jealous!

    1. Jamie was desperate to get them done this year as our strawberries last year weren't that great

  2. Not just a cold if it makes you feel pants. Lovely sprouts coming along ready for Christmas hurrah! x

  3. My cold in making a second coming! Swedes just don’t perform for us.

    1. Eurgh, poor you! Mine is lingering...
      These will be our first successful swedes, so fingers crossed that the still look good once they're pulled

  4. Looking good. My broccoli failed miserably BTW it's not just a cold it's what we call a VERY BAD cold.


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