Sunday, 3 December 2017

I Feel it in My Bones

It's December. We've had a Christmas craft sale at work and I bought some pressies and we've put lovely blue lights up in our living room window so I'm feeling Christmassy already.
I had a very quick visit to the plot this afternoon to pick some carrots - I was playing safe in case I found that the last Jaune de Vert squash had gone off once I cut into it. The little robin came to see me. He must have been missing our meal worms, especially when the temperature fell to -2° in the week. Brrr, it was quite unbearable for a couple of days but today it was back up to 12°.
All the garlic is up and should appreciate the frosts we've had. And the swede look like they're getting bigger! There are a couple of huge ones growing in this raised bed. It's the first time we've managed to grow it without it bolting. I wonder if they'll last till Burns night...
The squash's skin had hardened and changed colour but I'm pleased to say the flesh was good.
I roasted the squash with a few slices of carrot and a garlic clove. I left the skin on while roasting but removed it before the next stage.
Then cooked on the hob with some cumin and paprika added to the stock. I didn't risk too much garlic as my lingering cold means I could be very unpopular in the office! It's not tasting that great at the moment - quite bland, but I'll add some more seasoning when I come to eat it - hopefully it's will be tasty.
So, although there are still signs of Summer in sheltered spots I'm glad it's a good day for the Hungerford Christmas lights switch on - this year by author, Robert Harris. I love our Christmas lights!
Christmas  - it's on its way - hooray! And thank you to The Killers for the title track ..


  1. It's always impossible to resist photographing a robin isn't it? I've tried growing swede for a couple of years or so now and it just refuses to make a decent root. Which variety are you growing?

    1. Yes, they're such perfect models!
      I will need to see if I can find the seed packet for these swede - I'm sure I didn't sow them all but I haven't recorded the variety in my blog annoyingly...

  2. Swede look amazing as do the Christmas lights and your lovely Robin - ahhh it’s just around the corner x

    1. Thanks, it's getting exciting now.. Just putting the tree up in the office and have a fun shopping trip planned.


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