Saturday, 18 November 2017


Our first visit to the plot in nearly 4 weeks and only a fleeting one at that. So much needs to be done... But not today, because this morning we were helping tidy the Fairfields site, which HAHA also manages. The other volunteers had a great fire burning by the time we arrived.

There are plans to improve the water collection system in the new year but today was about clearing and chopping back the ivy that tries to take over the whole site - luckily we found Neal just in time 😃
Coffee and delicious home-made cakes made the morning pass quite happily and later in the afternoon we walked back to Marsh Lane to collect the one and only Giant Pink Banana squash that grew. I'm hoping there will be enough undamaged flesh to make soup - it's about the size of a rugby ball so there should be... You can see that the yellow spaghetti squash was too badly affected by the frost so that's been composted.
And here's evidence again that the glass gem corn certainly had potential if only we'd cared for it better..
So, tomorrow we have a proper allotment day planned and the GRAND OPENING of our lottery-funded composting toilet - there it is in the background. But more on that tomorrow...

The Prodigy provide the great title track..


  1. Opening of the toilet - the mind boggles!

    Our council don’t allow fires until 1 hour before dusk so we tend to have them, in the dark.

    1. Exciting times :-D
      We were a bit worried about the smoke covering the town from our fire today, but no complaints (so far!)

  2. Shame about the spaghetti squash, but the pink one looks great too!

  3. Sweet Corn! Come on Baby Light My Fire.

  4. Fab song choice! That corn looks really strange and I am not sure that I could eat something that looked like that, it looks almost like jewels x


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