Monday, 13 November 2017

Viva Tenerife

Home again after a lovely holiday on the north coast of Tenerife.
This was our tenth visit, our first was when I needed to dialyse there - it was two months before I received my kidney transplant. We realised then that we loved the place and now post-transplant holidays are even better, with plenty of food, drinking and walking - oh, so much walking and so many hills!
One of the reasons we return to Puerto de la Cruz is because it improves at each visit for vegetarian tourists.We go self-catering in the Casablanca Apartaments and manmage to find some excellent veggie options in the various supermarkets we shop in.
Including tofu, soya, seitan options

Of course, we had some lovely fresh vegetables too - look at the size of that pepper!
I like the way their supermarkets just sell chunks of pumpkin - I don't think ours do that. They grow a lot of different squash varieties in Tenerife. From the bus you can see them piled in the corners of fields while the fields are prepared for potato planting.
And how about these little lovelies for dessert - orange or lemon icecream, so delicious.
Anyway, I'll stop salivating with the memory and share some photos of the street art in Puerto - (I enjoyed Shaheen's street art posts from various places so I hope you enjoy these).
Probably my favourite
I love the huge paintings, but the little ones scattered around the place and on drain covers are good too - look at this little cutie!
Some are better from a distance...
 Others you need to zoom in to appreciate :-)

Outside our favourite veggie restaurant 'El Limon'

If you can't paint, why not crochet?!
I do love the white houses with terracotta roofs but why have white when there are so many other colours - and if you can't decide, well, have them all in a beautiful piece of art!
And here is a traditional song from Tenerife.


  1. Disfruta mucho de las vacaciones.El sitio es precioso y su comida típica vale la pena probarla.

    1. Si, disfruto mucho pero vuelvo a trabajar :-(

  2. I won’t attempt a comment in Spanish - but another fab read, love the building are hard to imagine the weather is so lovely and warm there and it’s so chilly here! They also sell chunks of pumpkin here, much better than the whole thing - can’t believe it’s your 10th trip too x

    1. Gracias 😁
      A very pleasant average of 25C in Tenerife, only about 10 degrees different back the moment

  3. Glad that you had a good holiday.


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