Sunday, 11 June 2017

What's Up?

What's up with my asters? They really don't look happy. Are they diseased? Will they recover? Nearly every plant has these horrible screwed up leaves :-(

Also, what's up with this annoying windy weather? It's causing irritation all round. Here's our attempt at keeping our Valerian upright - certainly not pretty but it's better than crushed flat like it was during the week.
We've been doing a lot of planting up over the last week. All the sweetcorn (the Lark and the Glass Gem) are planted, with protective bottle cloches. Not sure why this one Glass Gem seedling appears to be albino - I wonder what difference it will make to the cobs...
Jamie sowed two rows each of Speedy dwarf beans and Purple TeePee. He also sowed two more rows of Eskimo carrot as the original rows didn't germinate. On the plus side, my florence fennel seems quite happy in the recycle bins, but they've grown tall quickly so I've had to remove their protective netting - I hope they are ok and not too tempting for slugs.
We've planted up our tomatoes - 3 x Aviditas down one side of the greenhouse; 1 x Tigerella on the other side of the greenhouse and 1 x Redcurrant tomato at the end - this is a "sprawling" variety apparently, so I'm hoping we can use the shelving skeleton as a method of control...
Our greenhouse looking tidier than our flat!
I gave my sister one of the redcurrant tomato plants and the other is braving it outside - albeit with some protection from the wind at the moment... That should be enough sprawling space!
I'm pleased to see that the beetroot is looking healthy - a few nibbles, but not too many.
And I'm also pleased that I'm eating salad lunches from the allotment although I wish I had a few more lettuces growing.. I've added a bit of herb fennel and pak choi.
So, '"what's up" is an appropriate title, with the song provided by 4 Non Blondes.


  1. Have you had any manure or dodgy compost near those asters? Do you think the wind will ever stop?

    1. I'm pretty sure it's not the dodgy manure nightmare. Only the aster are affected and all our seeds were treated pretty much the same. There seem to be a few aster-specific problems but I'll investigate a bit further before I dispose of them :-(
      Still windy here :-(

  2. Glad to see the salad production underway!

  3. Actually I'm really interested to your method on sowing corn seed in seedling pots. Thanks for sharing


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