Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Pretty in Pink

In May I started soaking chive flowers in white wine vinegar and now it's looking pretty in 5 small bottles with the remainder in our vinegar bottle.
It has a lovely mild onion flavour, much less over-powering than pickled onion vinegar, which makes it perfect for adding to salads. The chive flowers had faded completely in the bottle.
I strained the liquid into a jug to get rid of any loose bits of flower and dusty pollen.
And voila - looks like an apothecary! It needs to be kept out of sunlight though, otherwise the colour will fade.
The Psychedelic Furs provide the title song ...


  1. Maybe I'll try this if ii get more flowers on my chives. I've just dead headed mine.

    1. Yes, I used the very first flowers of the season. Mine are looking a bit ropey now, even if I chop them back and let them re-grow...

  2. They are looking very pretty. Just collected seeds from my chive heads so I am a bit late to try this.

  3. Interesting! Thank you for sharing!


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