Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Four full days (so far) of scorching temperatures (high 20s) and sunshine. Of course, we're now moaning that "it's just too hot"! Particularly in the greenhouse where it was 49.1! It also means that the watering each evening is a very busy time on the site, you've got to love a sunny evening on the plot with fellow plotholders.
 Potatoes have such pretty flowers, these are on our Desiree.

On Saturday we had another go at clearing our new plot (46a). It looked like this and our chairman thought it was abandoned and needed spraying - oops! It was just that the other plots took priority - honest!

So after a few hours in the heat on Saturday we had cleared a lot of the most bothersome weeds with seed heads. And Jamie found two blueberry bushes - bonus - and part of the plot now looks like this... Plenty more to do on there though...

I also showed two new plotholders around and they are both happily joining us along with their children, so that's a bonus - we like to see new plotholders!
I'm leaving the cage around the sunflowers, on as the stems will need some support when they reach their full height.

We've let ourselves down with the strawberries. We should have taken runners last Autumn and planted another row. We didn't and our remaining row is producing a pretty poor crop - delicious, but small fruits and ants/woodlice are tasting more than we are at the moment 🙁. Luckily there are also some strawberry plants on the new plot, so perhaps we'll get a few fruits from there...

I pulled one garlic, but it's a bit too early. I've hung it to dry out, as it'll still taste of garlic, but will leave the rest for a few more weeks.
Our Rocky cucumbers and pumpkins haven't germinated! But we bought some Mini Munch little cucumber seeds and two of those are now growing on a bit before they're ready to plant out. We're actually away for Halloween so don't really need pumpkins, but they always look nice and I'll miss the soup!
EMF singing It's Unbelievable, which is a phrase I heard on the plot about the current weather.


  1. Your sunflower looks so safe there. I still do trial on growing sun flower

    1. Slugs have eaten some of the small ones but I hope the big ones will now grow tall and strong! They are 'Russian Giant'

  2. A few people are complaining about small strawberries, I think the dry weather has contributed to this. If we try to water when others are the water pressure drops to a trickle.

    1. I've started some serious watering so maybe that will encourage them to grow a bit more and a bit fatter!

  3. I remember when i had an allotment plot and we took on two, and surprisingly managed it for a while, good luck with it. Nice to see the potato flowers, ours went in a little late - so maybe July is when we will see flowers.


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