Friday, 9 June 2017

Oh You Pretty Things

Aah, it's that lovely time of year when everything is beginning to flower! I thought Spring was my favourite time, but I remember now that Summer's the best :-) Here are some of the flowers that have burst into colour.

This is the first pot marigold to flower, there will be many more to come later in the year.

Calendula self-seed and can take over a whole plot, but they're so beautiful, who cares?!


This is a Corncockle flower.

There's a whole bunch of them which self-seeded from a wildflower mix we sowed last year.

This dog rose (that's the only name I know it by) may have been planted when the hedge was first planted, but the roses are spreading along the border now.

They're short-lived but very pretty.

And here's a little pink bud from further down the hedge.

So delicate.

This is Nigella - Such a complex flower and so pretty.

Love in a Mist because the flowers appear to emerge from the mass of foliage (apparently).

It's an annual which readily self-seeds and I'm so glad that it reappears every year in the corner of the plot.

And there is this slightly mauve-blue, with different looking stamen - even more complex.

There are some near the allotment site's front gate - in pink and white as well as this lovely blue.

This is a flower on the purple mangetout Shiraz. 

There are a few more buds so not too long till I've got some mangetout in my lunchtime salads!

I was most surprised to see that my new "yellow poppy" also produces white flowers!

What an unexpected and welcome sight!

I do love poppy flowers, they are so delicate, but that's why the flowers only last a couple of days...

But there are plenty more buds to follow that one.

This is clearly another white one, I wonder if there are any more colours to come...?

I love how tightly crunched the petals are in the bud.

And finally, here's another from last year's wildflower mix which will apparently return year-on-year.

It's a red campion.

So pretty with the blue nigella in the background.

And of course the song is provided by David Bowie - aah


  1. Spring is the month of promise and summer hopefully fulfils that promise. Mangetout just don't seem to want to make an effort for us this year.

  2. Nice photos! How lucky to have all those flowers self seeding!


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