Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Go With The Flow

I had a flexi day today, so although drizzling, it was quite pleasant in the afternoon when we popped up to the allotment. We only went to feed the birds and pick some leeks and carrots. Whilst there we saw this...
At this point we were worried for the cat
At this point we were worried for the pheasant
We needn't have worried!

So it turns out that this cat probably isn't the reason why we found part of a pheasant on our plot a couple of weeks ago... Though the mystery footprints in our raised bed are most likely solved..!
On Sunday I made watery carrot and leek soup and it was delicious, so I've made another lot today... Just a few simple ingredients...
Sweat leeks, olive oil, garlic and spices...
Chop up carrots (not too small)...
Heat them all up together - try not to eat too many at this point
Add the stock (half a cube in half a litre of water was fine)
There! That's what watery soup should look like.
I think the cooked leeks provide a bit more buoyancy for the carrots. So, go with the flow and no need to blitz those veggies every time.
Music (and slightly dodgy video) provided by Queens of the Stone Age.


  1. When we stayed in a cottage n Scotland we had a pheasant in the garden which the visiting deer were frightened of. Incredible when you consider the size difference.

    1. Wow! That is suprising. I guess the pheasants have very sharp beaks


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