Sunday, 26 February 2017

Glory Box

Nice to see the crocuses making a show.

We've had two afternoon visits to the plot this weekend - both were dreadful. Yesterday we put our new storage box together - it's big enough to store loads of mesh and fleece as well as other useful items that usually end up buried somewhere in our flat or car boot.
Storm Doris had blown a lot of  'plot furniture' around the site. Today it seems Storm Ewan has started even windier - which made laying the weed membrane tricky! I wonder if our box will still be in place when we next visit.
One of the corners where all the bins gather...

The garlic seems to be doing well - all 30 cloves have sprouted and they had a bit of frost which is apparently required to encourage the cloves to form. You can see where a bird moved one of the cloves so 2 are growing next to each other :-) Last year's garlic is still being used regularly and I have one and a half bulbs left.

As I write this I'm having another go at making a non-blitzed soup - carrot and leek this time. I'm only using the green parts of the leeks as the white parts are going into our pasta bake tonight. There are quite a few carrots and parsnips left to eat, but the leeks will be used up quite soon.
This is the valerian which is growing back much stronger than it grew last year - I hope we get some vanilla scented flowers this year.
Portishead provide the music - a glory box is apparently where a girl stores her clothes, sheets, etc. prior to marriage - well, this glory box is full of useful bits and bobs for an allotment instead! Anyway, it's a great song.


  1. A few bricks in the bottom of your box may help keep it grounded.

    1. We couldn't find any bricks clean enough to go in our shiny new box! Give it time to get a bit grubby then we'll do that ;-)

  2. hola Belinda! Por aqui tambien ha hecho mucho viento. El baul va perfecto para guardar todo.
    Un beso.


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