Saturday, 18 March 2017

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Look what we had for tea last night...

Believe me, we haven't returned to our carnivorous past.
I know, it looks just like bacon (more than salmon to me) but it's an amazing marinaded carrot recipe, which Shaheen shared on A2K on her lovely veggie food blog and she found it on Olives for Dinner, another veggie food blog.
There, see, CARROTS

It involves liquid smoke - that's interesting enough in its own right. Most things I cook will now have a vaguely smokey flavour. Probably could have added a bit more to the marinade we made for the carrot bagels and I doubt we'd use this much salt in future, but I guess that's what makes it fishy-similar(?)
It's even made me less afraid of using the mandolin.
So, yum yum, nom nom and mmm mmm mmm mmm provided by Crash Test Dummies.


  1. I already saw Shaheen's recipe, and definitely also want to make this! Yours look so yummy too.

  2. increible,parece salmón.
    Un beso.

  3. I am so pleased you liked it and Wow - I admire your quickness in making bookmarked recipes, I have so many, but it takes time to go through them..but I am slowly. You made me laugh with your comment about being less afraid of the mandolin - i feel the same way about it too. Have a good weekend. Also thank you so much to the link back to the blog and the original recipe.

    1. It looked so amazing on your post I had to make it straight away! And I'm glad I did. Now I own liquid smoke :-D


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