Sunday, 5 March 2017

One More Time

Here are our Kestrel potatoes; chitting happily under the grow-lamp in our hallway.
Such amazing looking little things! The Orla aren't quite so impressive, but they'll catch up.
It was a very rainy day today but we wanted to sow our broad beans in the greenhouse.We thought we had a new packet of Longpod, but it was open so we went to our local Wyevale and of the 3 packets that were left (yes, 3!) we opted for Dreadnought, which are an heirloom longpod variety.
Jamie made up seed compost by mixing multi-purpose, John Innes seed and this coco coir, which comes in a solid block and you 'just add water'.
There are our little broad beans sitting in their mini-greenhouses - Jamie had to eat a lot of trifles for this plan :-) Last year we found that they grew tall at different rates, so this means that each one can have it's lid lifted before it hits the top and once its a size that a mouse won't fancy quite so much...
While Jamie was dealing with that I set up another compost bin and cleared some compostible items from the plot; most of last year's sweetcorn stems, though some sections are too hard, like bamboo, so they may need to be disposed of differently. The chard - I like to sow afresh each year. The sprouts - I chopped the stalks into small pieces first. And then put a bucketful of manure on top and gave it a stir.

We're on our way, but there's so much to do, but not on a soggy day like today. So back home into the warm before some torrential rain arrived again.
I'm pretty sure I took potato photos like these last year, but they're just so amazing in close-up, I can't resist one more time...
Haha! See what I did? It means I can put Daft Punk on my Plot7 playlist - go on, have a dance round the room :-)


  1. The first photo of a Kestrel shoot is amazing.

  2. Me encantan las fotos de las patatas.
    Un beso.

  3. I like the individual broad bean seed pots. It's so wet here I font even want to walk across the grass!

    1. Thanks, hope they prove useful. It would be nice to have two dry days in a row...

  4. The potatoes look like aliens. Love the idea of of the trifle pots....ideal. I am trying to think how to protect a seedtray containing 15 pots with sweetpeas from mice. Not a cloche lid as they will hit the top. The mice took some of mine when they were quite tall.

    1. I'm hoping to sow sweetpeas this weekend. I'm intending to sow them into 3 big pots so may have to use a big water bottle cloches - though I know it won't stop a mouse, it may put them off...


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