Saturday, 18 February 2017


We had a change of scene today. Rather than being at Marsh Lane we were at the other HAHA-managed site in Hungerford. We joined some Fairfields plotholders for a general tidy-up workday.
Fairfields is a small site with twenty-four 1-pole plots.
It was originally allotments for the people who lived in the surrounding old people's homes, but now most of those homes have gone and a new estate is opposite so the plots are available for all.
It's close to the Primary School and at the moment there's a primary school plot, a nursery school plot and a plot looked after by a residential home in the town. There are a few spare plots available for £12 a year.
The site has sheds (shed-envy strikes again) which were part of the old laundry buildings. I wonder what each of the little sheds were used for when it was a laundry? It has a nice view overlooking the town - there's the Town Hall clock.
Aah, it was good to be using tools out in the fresh air, even if it wasn't on our plot. The sun even came out for a while. Dare I say, it felt quite Spring-like! I hope it's the same tomorrow when we're intending to do some proper work on our plots! Here's a photo of our snowdrop - planted about 25 years ago, we finally have some flowers (2 so far)!
Title provided courtesy of The Lightning Seeds.


  1. It's good value when you think how much you could actually grow in a 25m plot!


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