Sunday, 19 February 2017

Digging in the Dirt

There's evidence of a lot of activity on the site. Newly dug areas are appearing on lots of plots - excellent! A sunny day in February is always a bonus and encourages allotmenteers out of their hidey-holes.
Not just plotholders, it seems! Whatever made this hole in the compost bin had moved on. There are mole hills all over plot 3 so it may be something to do with that...
I bagged that up all that lovely compost for use in the bean plot at a later date - the broad beans and runners should appreciate that organic mixture.
Jamie spent the afternoon digging last year's bean plot, which will be for our sprouts this year. Look at that! He is very good at finishing off, when I'm busy packing up hoping to get home before the aches and pains set in too much!! Well, this is the first proper labour since the Autumn.
I pulled a leek and a couple of parsnips and have made spicy parsnip soup - mmmm, it's so tasty and so easy to make because I used curry powder, rather than making up the spicy mix. That should cover 3 days of lunches.
Peter Gabriel has kindly titled this song perfectly!


  1. I was surprised that more people were not busy on our site this weekend.

  2. Your compost looks so fine. Actually our garden needs fine compost, especially for the raised beds.


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