Sunday, 1 January 2017

On a Day Like Today...

... you don't feel like leaving the flat. However, it's the new year!  
Good luck and good wishes for the next 365 days and beyond...
So, although it was rainy and rather cold, with no risk of snow (shame), we ventured to the plot to pick some sprouts.
We're pleased that they've grown, though the stalk is shorter than the advertised 1m; we think they are a bit stunted because we didn't plant them out till the end of July. We don't need many for our chestnut, sprout and (Quorn) chorizo stir-fry tonight and there should be enough for another 3-4 meals at least.
The top dish is roasted, chopped/mashed potato, carrot, parsnip which we re-baked and had with vegetarian haggis for our New Year's Eve meal. I prefer the Stahly haggis rather than the Waitrose, but it's hard (expensive) to track down. The soup is parsnip and carrot with garlic - really tasty - it was just two carrots and the two legs of that parsnip with about 1pint of stock and a bit of paprika. It's probably the first soup I've made where I haven't added an onion, just garlic. I think I'll try that again.
This year I'm going to attempt to use a song title as the title of each post. It's tricky thinking of new titles for each post anyway, so this is only going to make it harder, but I'll see how I get on... I hope this isn't the last song title I think of!!
I was thinking of the Keane song and someone's helpfully added the lyrics in Spanish to this video - enjoy!


  1. Love the 2017 design. I,also like how you refer to two legs of parsnips!

    1. Thanks, when Jamie pulled that parsnip he said it was trying to run away - they were legs ever since!


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