Friday, 30 December 2016

Glistening Droplets

Well, I was meant to have finished blogging for the year, but can't resist after a short visit to the plot to pick parsnips and carrots.
The frost and fog had cleared and the dipping sun was just at the right angle.
All the netting was glistening like diamonds.
Just beautiful!
And we got our veg, after a bit of a fight!


  1. The raindrops at the moment are appropriately festive aren't they?

  2. This is what I call magical. Thank you so much for sharing Belinda. Happy New Year to you, hopefully i will be a better gardener this year and we can compare notes.

    1. It was magical. Even if you don't get your gardening head on, please keep up with the recipes which are inspirational! Thankyou


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